Mission, Philosophy, and Core Values


The Frankel Jewish Academy is a high school that functions as both an academic and religious institution. It is built upon a dual curriculum of the highest-level college preparatory general studies and classical text-based Jewish studies while operating within a framework of Jewish law.

Our mission is to provide an environment that both educates toward and engenders an appreciation of living a traditional Jewish lifestyle, a relationship with God, and a commitment to the Jewish people, the State of Israel, and the United States.

We envision our graduates acquiring an appreciation for the values of Torah and Western Civilization that will empower them to become leaders of the Jewish community and society at large.

Our Philosophy: The Four Pillars of FJA

FJA is an intellectually open high school,committed to halacha (Jewish law), devoted to the State of Israel, and dedicated to the values of the United States of America.

Four 4 Pillars

OPENartcontestAs an open school we believe in the great Western intellectual tradition. Our general studies courses are of the highest order, fueling open inquiry and critical thinking in the spirit of the original Academy of Plato whose name we bear.  We employ top-notch faculty in our general studies departments, teachers who take students to new levels of achievement and understanding. One hundred percent of our seniors are accepted into one of their two top college choices.

HalachicartcontestAs a halachic school we are a community that is guided by Jewish law and tradition, which calls for proper conduct among humans and toward God.  Our students are taught traditional Jewish practices, and texts including the Talmud, the Bible, and the Siddur (prayer book). Our Jewish Studies teachers are talmidei chachamim (learned in Judaism),and pedagogically sophisticated. Students graduate from FJA grounded in their heritage and capable of examining academic and philosophical issues from multiple perspectives.

ZIONartcontestZionism energizes our school’s connection to the State of Israel in a myriad of ways. Through study, through activism and celebration, our links to the Jewish homeland remain strong. Our graduates become the natural leaders of on-campus Israel advocacy at colleges and universities across the country.

FLAGartcontestNowhere else in the world could a school like the Frankel Jewish Academy exist. The skills and academic grounding we give our students enable them to embrace the American ideals of individual rights and responsibilities. Confident in their identity as Jews and as Americans, FJA students are prepared to take advantage of the best our country offers and to take part in the political process as responsible citizens. We empower our students to make a difference in this world.

Core Values
The Frankel Jewish Academy strives to create and maintain a positive learning environment in which all students have the opportunity to grow academically, religiously, and socially. At FJA we believe that a high standard of academics goes hand in hand with a high standard of ethics. In support of this belief, we have created a set of Core Values that guides our school community.

Our Core Values apply to everyone in the school community at all times, without exception. We hope our students will internalize these Core Values, drawing upon them to guide their behavior both inside and outside the walls of the Frankel Jewish Academy.

All students, parents, and staff in the FJA community must support and commit themselves to the following Core Values:

  • • Supporting the mission and philosophy of the Frankel Jewish Academy.
    • Respecting the importance of Jewish values, mitzvot and daily prayer.
    • Acting with derech eretz.
    • Pursuing excellence in Jewish and general scholarship.
    • Committing to honesty, integrity, accountability, and personal responsibility inside and outside the    classroom and in the general community.
    • Accepting diversity.
    • Respecting all members of the FJA community and all human beings as created in the
       image of God.
    • Participating in and serving the FJA community and the larger Jewish and general communities.

Partnering with Parents
Successful education hinges upon a supportive partnership between students, parents, and staff. Each must be fully committed to the school’s Mission. Disregarding this partnership teaches children to disregard authority at school and at home.

Examples of past parental undermining of the Mission of the school:

  • • Scheduling appointments (e.g. medical, dental, etc.) during school hours.
    • Calling a student out of Minyan, only to have the student return for the next period of school.
    • Calling a student out of class because the student is not prepared for an assignment or exam.
    • Calling a student out of Town Hall only to have the student return for the next period of school.
    • Calling a student out of PAL to work with another teacher or for appointments that could be   scheduled outside of school hours.
    • Calling a 9th- or 10th-grade student out for lunch so the student can go to lunch with an 11th- or   12th grade student.
    • Calling a student out for lunch on closed campus lunch dates.
    • Not paying attention to a student’s clothing or dress to ensure conformity prior to leaving for the   school day.
    • Communicating with a student on his/her cell phone during class time.

Safe Home Environment
Parents are expected to provide a safe home environment for our children by:

  • • Actively chaperoning at-home activities and not allowing   opportunities for high-risk behaviors.
    • Not allowing alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs to be consumed by   minors in their home.
    • Communicating with other parents to verify active chaperoning of   student gatherings in order to promote a safe experience.
    • Monitoring behaviors that lead to improper actions on social networks.

It is our hope that each student will embrace our Core Values, and in the process achieve a life of Virtue dedicated to moral, intellectual, and spiritual growth.