Graduation Requirements

A student enrolled at FJA must take the equivalent of seven academic courses every year, including one English class, one Math class, two Jewish Studies classes, and Hebrew Language. Students are expected to be in school the entire school day. Note: one credit is equal to two semesters.

Note: one credit is equal to two semesters.

•  4 credits of English
•  4 credits of Mathematics
•  4 credits of Hebrew Language
•  3 credits of History and Social Studies (1)
•  3 credits of Science
•  3 credits of Bible
•  3 credits of Rabbinics
•  2 credits of Upper Level Jewish Studies (2)
•  2 elective credits (e.g. additional classes in English, Social Studies, etc.)
•  1.5 credits of Performing/Visual Arts (3)
•  1 credit of Athletics (4)
•  0.5 credit of Health and Wellness (5)
•  Community Service/Synagogue Attendance/Minyan (6)

History and Social Studies (1)
US Government and Economics is a graduation requirement. AP Government will also satisfy this requirement.

Upper Level Jewish Studies (2)
Upper Level Jewish Studies must include one credit (two semesters) of Jewish History including at least a 0.5 credit (one semester) on Israel. The remaining credit may be fulfilled by taking any other Upper Level Jewish Studies courses. Rabbinics IV can be considered an Upper Level course and may be used to fulfill this requirement in the 12th grade year.

Performing and Visual Arts (3)
Beginning with the Class of 2017, students will be required to fulfill 1.5 credits in Performing and Visual Arts which may include participation in a school play.

Athletics (4)
Each student is required to take two semesters of Athletics. Each season of participation in an FJA varsity sport fulfills 0.5 credit of the Athletics requirement. The two 0.5 credits may not be earned in the same sport.

Health and Wellness (5)
This module offered during Freshman Seminar for 9th graders, provides students with information and insights on relationships, sexuality, nutrition, self-esteem, and stress management. Through facilitated discussions students explore how to develop habits of life long wellness.

Community Service & Synagogue Attendance (6)
Each school year students are required to participate in a minimum of 15 hours of community service (with a maximum of 5 hours during the summer) and to attend a minimum of 10 Jewish religious services outside of school. (For more details see the Student Handbook.)

Community Service

Students are required to participate in 15 hours of community service per school year, and are responsible for setting up service opportunities of their own choosing.  The Student Life Coordinator will post community service opportunities  as they arise, and students are encouraged to seek out other such placements as well. Popular options include: Friendship Circle, local synagogue events, Relay for Life, local soup kitchens, JCC Teen Center, Fleischman Residence, Bookstock, Ronald McDonald House, tutoring, JARC, and volunteering to assist the elderly or youth. Please see the Student Handbook for more details.

Synagogue Attendance

Interior13sStudents are also required to have 10 synagogue visits per school year.  These dates may include: attending Shabbat, holiday or weekday services, shiva minyan, volunteering for Junior Congregation, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

+How do I submit hours/visits each month?
Students will be provided a Google Form link to submit community service hours and synagogue attendance.
+How many hours of community service and synagogue attendance
do I need to complete by the end of the school year?
All students must have 15 hours of community service (up to 5 hours may be from the previous summer) and 10 Synagogue visits by the end of the school year.
+If I am in 10th grade and want to be in National Honor Society
next year, how many community service hours must I complete?
Any sophomore applying to be in NHS for the following year must complete the required 20 hours of community service.
+If I am already in NHS, how many hours do I need to complete
to remain in good standing?
Any junior or senior in NHS needs to complete 20 hours of community service per year.
+Does community service done over the summer months count?
Up to 5 hours of community service during the summer months count toward the upcoming school year total (not the previous year).
+Does Shabbaton participation count as a synagogue visit?
Participation in an FJA Shabbaton can count for up to two synagogue visits.