Jewish Studies Program

The goal of Frankel Jewish Academy’s Jewish Studies program is to empower students to become independent learners of traditional Jewish texts, and develop a love of, and commitment to Jewish law and tradition. Jewish tradition, from biblical to contemporary texts, is based on written scholarship. Familiarity and proficiency with Jewish texts, history and tradition is essential for students to find personal meaning, explore relevancy and develop their own Jewish identities. Our classes are geared to foster skills, develop content knowledge and deepen understanding.

Our Hebrew classes not only emphasize Hebrew language fluency and competency but also focus on the context of Israeli culture and history. Students read a wide variety of Israeli literature that informs them of the Zionist dream and current Israeli struggles. Our Bible and Rabbinics classes guide our students to become lifelong learners by developing textual and analytical skills. Students learn how to use biblical grammar as the classical commentators did and develop their own interpretive lens. They explore the historical contexts, motivations and interpretations of medieval commentators, focusing on Rashi, Rashbam, Ibn Ezra and Ramban. In Rabbinics, students have the opportunity to examine Torah Sheb’al Peh, the oral interpretation and instruction. Students study Mishna and Talmud in the original Hebrew and Aramaic. Electives such as Medical Ethics or Business Ethics, Scribal Arts, Arab-Israeli Conflict, and Holocaust and Memory give our students the opportunity to reflect on how our collective history of the past has effected the present and will shape the future.

By providing opportunities for open inquiry in a safe and intellectually challenging environment, we foster a learning culture that is based on mutual respect. It is our hope that students will learn as much about themselves as they do about their Jewish history and tradition.

Dr. Seth Korelitz
Director of Jewish Studies

(248) 592-5263, ext. 227