Professional Development

Frankel Jewish Academy places a high value on professional development. As a Professional Learning Community, we set high standards for our teachers and students alike. Teachers seek to work at FJA precisely because they know their desire to grow will be supported as a result of our publicized commitment to professional development. We attract and retain teachers who expect to hone their craft, deepen their skills, and who know that excellence is the result of a lifelong commitment to growth.

Our teachers recognize that teaching is more than knowing your subject and being empathetic. FJA teachers routinely sit in on their colleagues’ classes to help critique them and learn from others’ strategies. Teachers new to FJA are paired with trained mentors who guide them to set goals and reflect on their practice through weekly meetings and observations. Every teacher selects specific goals that they want to work on, and joins one of three cohorts to further develop a skill.

The Rabbinics department is proud to be one of four partners collaborating with the Jewish Theological Society and the Legacy Heritage Leadership Institute to develop the focus of the Rabbinics curriculum and to reflect on and enhance the pedagogy of the teachers. Over the course of several on-site and off-site seminars, teachers focus on what the learning needs of the students are to inspire a strong, knowledgeable Jewish identity in our students.

The Hebew department works with ACTFL (America Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) to create units and lessons that are relevant and accessible to our students, and uses the latest in language acquisition techniques to give student strong Hebrew skills.