Student Handbook

Read the 2016-2017 Student Handbook

Dear FJA Students and Parents,

Welcome to another wonderful year at Frankel Jewish Academy, Michigan’s premier Jewish college preparatory high school. Our administration, faculty, and staff look forward to engaging you in our Mission as an Open, Halachic, Zionist, American school. We are excited to embark on another year filled with new opportunities and growth as we continue to celebrate the great open Western intellectual tradition, Jewish practice and heritage, the State of Israel, and the values of the United States of America. We know that you are also eager to reunite with old friends and meet new ones in the special warm and welcoming environment that makes FJA so unique.

The great strength of Frankel Jewish Academy is that we are more than a school; we are a community. As a community, we are united by common principles, goals, and behaviors. This handbook will guide you through the values and practices of our school. We have put these guidelines in place in order to create a culture of virtue within our school. As a community we seek to uphold a standard of moral, religious, and academic excellence. We strive to be a school where learning can take place in a respectful atmosphere brimming with goodness and kindness.

Together we will make this a year of great intellectual and personal growth for every one of us.

Rabbi Azaryah Cohen
Head of School
Frankel Jewish Academy