Student Services

The Student Services team provides academic, social, and emotional support to our students.

Meet the Student Services Team

Mrs. Teri Giannetti
Director of Student Services and Programming

(248) 592-5263, ext. 345

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In addition it overseeing the Student Services team, Mrs. Teri Giannetti directs attendance policy and system, student scheduling, and all standardized and competitive testing.

Ms. Krystal Wilson
Learning Specialist

(248) 592-5263, ext. 341

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Highlights of Academic Support Services:

  • Provides educational support to meet our students’ varying learning styles and needs.
  • Writes and implements Accommodation Plans for qualifying students.
  • Works with parents to obtain the necessary documentation for their children.
  • Oversees Standardized Testing (e.g. ACT) to students with qualifying Accommodation Plans and other special needs.
  • Serves as liaison between parents, teachers, students and outside tutors.
  • Offers individual support to student in all general and Jewish subjects, as well as: time management, organization, study and test taking skills.


Mrs. Ella Dunajsky
Director of College Counseling

(248) 592-5263, ext. 346

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FJA’s college counseling office works with our juniors and seniors and their families providing a wealth of experience and support as students start on the path toward college. Click here to learn more.

Ms. Rachel Ellentuck
Social Worker

(248) 592-5263, ext. 239

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FJA’s licensed social worker is employed at the academy through a partnership with Jewish Family Services. She provides individual counseling to students, consults with teachers and staff, and works closely with parents. She also works to help maintain a healthy emotional climate at FJA. <p>The freshman seminar is designed to assist students in their transition to high school and to help build community within the student body. The seminar is directed by the school social worker and includes a wellness component. Within the wellness component, issues such as stress management, substance abuse, and sexuality are discussed.

Mrs. Ariella Monson
Coordinator of Student Life

(248) 592-5263, ext. 242

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  • The student life department believes in the power of “do-ocracy”. This means that students take the lead in creating and running clubs, organizing and leading community service programs, planning spirit week and much much more. Being a student at FJA is about more than academic success — it is about making connections and building relationships with FJA students and staff. Programs include Spirit Week, dances, clubs, community service through fundraisers, clothing and food drives, and projects throughout metro Detroit. The Student Life department is dedicated to supporting students so they can turn their big ideas into reality and bond together as one strong FJA student body.