Academic and College Planning

Director of College Counseling Ella Dunajsky and Director of Student Services Teri Giannetti will guide and assist students during their academic career at Frankel Jewish Academy.

freshman-sophmore-page Counseling Program Overview
The Director of College Counseling meets with every freshman to create a four-year academic plan. Students take a career assessment in their freshman, sophomore, and junior years and the counselor uses these results to help the students understand their own unique strengths and interests, and to recommend career paths and college majors.

Special consideration is given to getting to know students individually and to help them navigate the social, emotional and academic pressures of the high school experience. The Director of College Counseling works together with the Director of Student Services to help each student assess and achieve his/her academic goals.

Freshman year should be a time of self-discovery and adjusting to the challenges of high school. It is important that students build the skills and study habits necessary for them to be successful academically.

This is also a time to engage in activities both in and out of school to explore interests and passions, and to become involved in community service and volunteer work. This checklist will assist students with making the most of the Freshman year.

Freshman Check List

  • Develop good study habits. Your grades in 9th grade will be included in your final high school GPA. Grades really do count toward college admission.
  • Get involved in extra-curricular activities (both community and school-sponsored). Many colleges consider talent and leadership as part of college
  • Develop a four-year academic plan using the Career-Cruising. Begin student resume/portfolio and begin saving samples of best work.
  • Take a Career Assessment Test and begin to develop their career preferences. Review their career interests, skills and goals.
  • Check out summer enrichment programs on Naviance and in the counseling office.

Sophomore year is a time to continue building academic strength and for students to challenge themselves academically. Students should continue to explore their long-term interests both in and outside the classroom and review their curriculum plan. This is the year to begin preparing for and taking standardized tests.

During the fall, sophomores will take the PSAT. Sophomores will participate in the four-year plan review and will continue to update their student resumes.

Sophomore Check List

  • Continue to work on extra-curricular activities, take on leadership positions in school and community or volunteer activities.
  • Update four-year academic plan.
  • Consider taking a study strategy course or an ACT/SAT test prep course.
  • Consider taking SAT II subject test if completing an honors course.
  • Review GPA and graduation credits.
  • Familiarize yourself with college entrance requirements.
  • Sophomore Night: Thinking Ahead

Juniors should take the strongest course schedule they can comfortably handle and work to earn the best grades possible. It is recommended that students and families visit potential colleges.

Throughout the year, the Director of College Counseling will conduct evening programs for students and parents as well as individualized junior conferences during the winter and spring. At this time a potential college list will be created.

In late May, three weeks of intensive college planning begins in the English classes.

  • Complete student resume
  • Write college essays
  • Complete a sample Common Application form
  • Review deadlines for college applications
  • Research and identify a comprehensive list of colleges to consider
  • Meet with college representatives when they visit Frankel Jewish Academy
  • Attend evening programs colleges host in the local area
  • Prepare for and take standardized tests beginning with the PSAT in October
    If testing accommodations are needed, please contact our Learning Specialist.

Seniors begin the actual application process, and deadlines become very important. Students need to allow ample time to complete everything related to college. Course selection and academic performance are still most important, and students need to maintain their academic focus.

  • Review standardized test scores to determine whether to retake the SAT or ACT.
  • Stay in frequent contact with the Director of College Counseling and seek assistance finalizing essays and applications.
  • Follow month-by-month college planning timeline. See link below.
  • Report college decisions to the College Counseling department.

Senior Year Timeline and Checklist

Please click on the link below, as this will provide a complete college planning guide for your senior year.

College Planning Timeline