Kashrut Policy at FJA

In keeping with halacha, FJA maintains a strict kashrut policy in our school facility and for all school-sponsored events. The kashrut policy of the school also serves an educational and social function, familiarizing FJA students with the traditional Jewish dietary laws and strengthening a sense of community so that while school is in session the eating and sharing of food does not become an activity that creates tension among students.

The following are the kashrut guidelines that must be observed by all individuals in the FJA community:

• Only dairy or pareve food may be brought into the school building, even if the food is meant only for personal consumption. No meat or poultry products may be brought into the school.
• Fish, non-meat foods, and fresh produce may be brought to school. Shellfish, seafood and fish lacking fins and scales may not be brought.
• Packaged food brought to school, even for personal consumption, must come from packages with one of the following commonly accepted kashrut symbols:

Kashrut Symbols
This is by no means an exhaustive list; other authorities may be acceptable. Check with Rabbi Elliot Pachter if you have any questions. A “K” without other markings is not acceptable.

• Food prepared at home may not be served in school or for school functions. All snacks served in school must be certified kosher and brought to school in its original wrapping. Families who would like help in understanding these expectations should make an appointment with Rabbi Pachter.

• Food wrapped or packaged in containers from non-kosher establishments may not be brought into the school building (including the entire JCC), even if the food itself is dairy or pareve.

For the comfort of our students, and out of respect for the values of our community, we ask our families to observe FJA’s standard of kashrut at private social affairs outside of school to which FJA students are invited. During school-organized trips and Shabbatonim, students are expected to observe the same practices as those required on the school campus.

All food served at events run by FJA is under the supervision of Rabbi Azaryah Cohen. This includes both food served on campus and food provided at school-sponsored events such as school trips, Parent Council events, and Shabbatonim. Rabbi Cohen’s supervision is in addition to, and irrespective of, any other supervision that may be provided.