Dear Parents,

As we begin the Jewish New Year, allow me to share with you why FJA Parent Council matters — to our children and our school.

Parent Council is a parent-led lay organization that augments FJA’s programming for various holidays. Its affiliation with the school is non-academic and non-administrative, meaning that it is a group of parent volunteers doing good deeds to help make FJA the best place it can be.

As a lay organization, we are 100 percent reliant on the $36 you donate to Parent Council, which funds our activities throughout the year. From distributing apples and honey ushering in a sweet 5778, to snacks after special holiday programs, these details — when looked at cumulatively — help make FJA that “special place” to our children.

We receive no money from FJA to run our programs. We are a non-profit and 100 percent of your $36 donation goes toward our programming. There is no overhead. There are no professionals on staff to pay salaries to. Every dollar goes toward our children.

As a parent who pays the same tuition as everybody else, I know that making sacrifices to send our children to a Jewish college prep school may mean holding off on other items, but we know it’s worth the cost. Similarly, the $36 to join Parent Council reaps tremendous benefits. Without the “little” things, like school-wide lunch during Purim or snacks in the Sukkah, our children’s experience at school would be lacking.

This is why, as Parent Council president, I am directly appealing to every FJA family asking you to please donate $36 to help us cover the cost of all the good work we do. Your donation is 100 percent tax deductible — and 100 percent of your money goes toward our children.

Wishing you and your family a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

Warm Regards,

Sari Baskin-Blackman