Israel Experience

FJA’s senior trip is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, a whirlwind journey through Jewish national tragedy in Poland and Jewish national renaissance in Israel.

Students begin the trip by exploring Krakow’s old Jewish Quarter, learning about the vibrant Jewish life that existed before World War II. Then they visit concentration camps, bearing witness to the destruction of the Holocaust. This leaves students with an unforgettable appreciation of Jewish survival despite suffering.

Next, students fly to Israel for a thrilling trip to one-of-a-kind sites both ancient and modern. They climb Masada, float in the Dead Sea, hike in the lush hills of the North, spend Shabbat in Jerusalem and much more.

After receiving a stark reminder in Poland of the anguish of our past, students see in Israel the vivid signs of hope in our future. This senior trip shows students how important these aspects are to their identity as young Jews.

Student Testimonials:

Participating in the Senior Trip made me learn to appreciate everything I have that much more. Being there made me realize that me and all my friends and every single person in this room is lucky and has so much and that even on our worst days we still have it so good and we shouldn’t forget that.

Josh Sider, Class of 2012


It was my sixth time in Israel, and with each trip I had new experiences. But starting in Poland and then going to Israel and with 46 of my closest friends was the most moving experience I have ever had. The power of going from a place of such dark history to a place that brought the Jews new hope, hardship, happiness and a new beginning was completely awe-inspiring. I wouldn’t have wanted to make that journey any other way.

Marni Jacobson, Class of 2012