Own Your Journey. Discover Your Tomorrow.

Own Your Journey. Discover Your Tomorrow.

Frankel Jewish Academy At A Glance


Every student receives individualized college counseling

FJA’s college counseling program is highly regarded in the community for working individually with families to find the perfect college match for each student’s ambitions.


FJA is #4 Best Private High School in Michigan

FJA is #4 Best Private High School in Michigan and #1 Best Jewish School in Michigan according to Niche's Best School rankings. 


of FJA students receive tuition assistance

We award more than $1.5 million in aid each year to families with diverse financial needs. FJA’s tuition assistance program is one of the most generous of all private schools in Michigan.

18 & 3

FJA has 18 AP courses and 3 dual enrollment courses

With so many advanced placement and dual enrollment courses, there are multiple ways for students to earn college credit while still in high school


of FJA students participate in athletics

FJA students participate in a variety of JV and Varsity sports as part of the Catholic League including cross country, volleyball, tennis, golf, soccer, basketball, baseball and bowling.


of FJA students come from public or other independent schools

No previous background in Hebrew or Judaics is required to be successful at FJA. 


experiential learning opportunities for students to explore the world

Montana, Portland, Washington, DC, New York, Israel, and Europe are just some of the experiential trips for FJA students. Indescribably unique and impactful opportunities for student bonding, meaningful and authentic learning, and experiences that will last a lifetime.


student teacher ratio

A student-faculty ratio that is about half of that at public schools frees faculty to explore students’ individual interests in class. FJA students are able to form meaningful, important, and lasting bonds with their teachers.

College Bound

FJA Students attend their best fit college or university. They work with our dedicated college counselor who guides them throughout their high school career and the college placement process.

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