Academic Requirements

The FJA curriculum is designed to introduce all students to basic disciplines essential to their intellectual and personal development. While all students must fulfill core requirements, individual interests and talents are supported through extensive elective offerings and students have many choices to pursue their passions.

  • English - 4 Credits
  • Math - 4 Credits
  • Social Studies - 3 Credits
  • Science - 3 Credits
  • Jewish Studies - 4.5 Credits
    • Jewish text overview track (one combined Bible and Rabbinics course) in 9th and/or 10th grade OR
    • Beit Midrash intensive track (separate Bible and Rabbinics courses) in 9th and/or 10th grade
    • Students must also take at least one semester of Jewish History and one semester of Arab-Israeli relations
  • Hebrew - 3 Credits
  • Arts and Activities - 2 Credits
  • Academic Electives - 5.5 Credits
  • Other Possible Courses (Study Hall, Independent Study, Internship, etc.) - 4 
  • Minyan - 4 Years

Randall Gawel


Dr. Seth Korelitz

Director of Jewish Studies