Drama - Girl Who Cried Wolf
Written by: Amber R.
Performed by: Abigail Gelfand
Comedy - English Class
Written by: Justin K.
Performed by: Avi Shere
Comedy - Confession
Written by: Micaela E.
Performed by: Eugenia Aronov
Original Drama - The Voicemail
Written by: Carmela Ifraimov
Performed by: Carmela Ifraimov
Comedy - The Interview
Written by: Divya M.
Performed by: Emily Schiffer
Original Dramady - Lamb in the Hole
Written by: Gabriel Cozzetto
Performed by: Gabriel Cozzetto
Comedy - The Part
Written by: Sadie C.
Performed by: Zoe Schiffer
Comedy - Trapped in an Elevator
Written by: Sophia M.
Performed by: Rozalia Aronov

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