Max Feber ’17

Max is in school at Babson College, studying business with a focus in entrepreneurship. He’s appeared in countless publications and Facebook statuses after he was featured on ABC’s “Shark Tank”, and struck a deal with Mark Cuban for his business, BRUW.

According to Max, “Shark Tank was insane! It was the coolest experience and I loved being there. It felt like I was stepping into the TV show I had been watching my entire life. It was really unbelievable.”  Max has been working on BRUW for quite a few years, and says that he has vivid memories of sitting in the back of pre-calc at FJA working on his Kickstarter campaign, which eventually led to the production of the first BRUW coffee filters. 

While this wasn’t a school project, Max says he appreciated everyone from FJA, teachers and students alike, allowing him to test prototypes in school and bring his samples into class. It looks like those small opportunities led to something much bigger!