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Shorashim Grants

The Shorashim Grants are an opportunity for current and incoming families to opt-in to grants to help reduce the cost of tuition. Grants are available at $2,500, $5,000, or $10,000 and families will choose the amount that fits their needs.

The goal of the Shorashim Grants is to increase the number of Jewish teens who have access to Frankel Jewish Academy’s exceptional education. We know that there are thousands of Jewish teens in metro Detroit who could attend FJA, and cost should not be a limiting factor in their choice to attend. In addition to the grants, Frankel Jewish Academy will also continue to offer generous tuition assistance.

Not all families want or need the full Shorashim Grant amount of $10,000. Giving families the choice to select their tuition is a way to help them find an annual tuition amount that feels most appropriate for each family.

Each student who attends FJA is eligible to receive a Shorashim Grant.

The funding for the Shorashim Grants is coming from a restricted gift and the school is not able to use it for anything other than Shorashim Grants.

Shorashim Grants will be available to current and incoming FJA families who are enrolled for the 2022-2023 school year and are guaranteed throughout their tenure at FJA. We will evaluate these grants over the next few years to determine their effectiveness, but we intend to offer them to students who enroll at FJA beyond the 2022-2023 school year.  

FJA’s tuition will continue to have moderate increases every year as it normally does. The Shorashim Grant will apply to whatever the tuition is for a particular year. 

Frankel Jewish Academy’s tuition has never covered the full cost of educating each student.  As a mission-driven Jewish community organization, we are not just a private school.  Our mission is to inspire Jewish students, and that remains a priority for our community. While FJA is a private school and offers small class sizes, meaningful relationships, and all the benefits of private education, we offer even more with a values-based Jewish education.  FJA is the beneficiary of support from many donors in our community that make this exceptional education possible. 

You may opt in as part of your enrollment contract.  

You may not donate the Shorashim Grant itself back to FJA, but we always accept donations to FJA's Annual Campaign. If you choose to make a donation to Frankel Jewish Academy, that will be your choice, and it will be treated like any other donation to FJA.  We appreciate contributions of any level.  If you would like more information about making a donation to FJA, please contact Jackie Yashinsky [email protected]

Yes. Your student is still eligible to receive a Shorashim Grant. You would simply select your grant amount of $2,500, $5,000 or $10,000 and that amount will then be prorated to be applied to your prorated tuition. You may also choose to apply for traditional tuition assistance.

No. Merit Scholarship recipients are not eligible for a Shorashim Grant.

Shorashim means "roots" in Hebrew. Frankel Jewish Academy is planting Jewish roots in the metro Detroit community by educating our Jewish young adults and preparing them to be lifelong leaders. Additionally, FJA is represented by a pomegranate, a fruit that grows on trees with strong roots in the land.