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Mission & Core Values

Frankel Jewish Academy is a rigorous college preparatory high school pursuing academic excellence and Jewish literacy. We inspire students to think critically, creatively, and compassionately; to dedicate themselves to Jewish tradition, peoplehood, and the State of Israel; and to become lifelong learners and leaders.  

Core Values
Frankel Jewish Academy strives to create and maintain a positive learning environment in which all students have the opportunity to grow academically, Jewishly, emotionally and socially. At FJA, we believe that a high standard of academics goes hand in hand with a high standard of ethics. In support of this belief, we have created a set of Core Values that guides our school community:

  • Respecting the importance of Jewish values, mitzvot*, and daily prayer.
  • Acting with derech eretz*.
  • Pursuing excellence in Jewish and general scholarship.
  • Committing to honesty, integrity, accountability, and personal responsibility inside and outside the classroom and in the general community.
  • Respecting all members of the FJA community and all human beings as created in the image of God.
  • Participating in and serving the FJA community and the larger Jewish and general communities.

* mitzvot = Jewish laws, also called commandments or good deeds
* derech eretz = respectful and proper behavior