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College Bound

College is not a prize to be won, but the right match to be made.

- Frank Sachs, former president of the National Association for College Admission Counseling

Frankel Jewish Academy’s College Guidance staff is deeply committed to our students and to making the college selection process as meaningful as possible. From our very first graduating class to our most recent one, FJA students are consistently accepted to one of their top two school choices. The goal is a simple but meaningful one: finding the best school for each student — that college or university where an FJA graduate can take their high school experience, striving to be better and growing to their full potential in the process. We deeply value providing our students with individual attention and support throughout the college process, understanding full well that this is a process, not an event. We encourage open, honest, direct, and frequent communication with students and parents throughout the admissions process, a time that can be associated with uncertainty, stress, and anxiety as well as excitement. That said, we are here to make the individual journey for each student productive, enlightening, and meaningful. The College Guidance staff accompanies you every step of the way.

College Bound

FJA Students attend their best fit college or university. They work with our dedicated college counselor who guides them throughout their high school career and the college placement process.

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