UMatter – An Impactful Week

This past week was our official FJA UMatter week. UMatter is a program for students by students that focuses on empowering teens to shatter the stigmas surrounding mental health challenges and suicide. We have a student committee that have been working hard to put meaningful, optional programming into place. With our FJA UMatter coming to an end, we have been able to see how much it truly impacted our students. Our students participated in different activities such as Teacher Ted Talks, decorating our school, taking time to focus on self-care, along with hearing a valuable presentation from Lisa Daniels, an alumni parent and representative from the Jamie Daniels Foundation. The students were able to participate and internalize these important messages based on their comfort level. It was amazing to watch our students connect in a positive and empowering way outside of the typical classroom setting. We look forward to this messaging continuing throughout the school year because we all matter every single day!