Curriculum Night Wrap-up

The energy at Curriculum Night paralleled the energy and buzz of our opening day. On Wednesday evening I spoke to proud and happy parents, heard snippets of enthusiastic conversation, saw teachers who were excited to share their passion, and learned that The Shuk sold an abundance of “Jag Swag.”

That said, the totality of an FJA students’ experience is impossible to capture in one evening. Perhaps Curriculum Night is too ambitious a name for the evening when parents circle the school spending 10 short minutes in their students’ classes. Our curricula at FJA, the rich entirety of a student’s encounter throughout their four years at FJA, is difficult to quantify and encapsulate.

How do you measure the significance of being greeted in the morning by an administrator, sharing a deep conversation with a teacher, supporting  a teammate who missed a goal, collecting food for those who are less fortunate, exploring countries you’ve only seen on a map, meeting people of cultures you’ve only heard about, understanding that a mistake is an opportunity to learn, or exploring who you are as an individual and a member of a Jewish community?

Yes, Curriculum Night is a momentary snapshot. It can’t fully capture the magic of FJA. But like the marvel of transforming still pictures into movies one snapshot after another, the entirety of our students’ experiences, one encounter at a time, help them develop in the most wonderful and magnificent ways. 

Looking forward to continued discovery and growth –