Teen Drug Use and Parent Education

We all know that kids don’t come with instruction manuals. While this is true, strictly speaking, there is no shortage of advice, expert and lore, on how to raise emotionally and physically healthy children. Whether you’re a reader of Dr. Spock, Love and Logic, or some other method, there are many types of advice that informed multiple generations as did other physicians, counselors, and child rearing gurus.

Whatever we read is never as accurate or relevant as what our children tell us through their words, actions, attitudes, and moods. They may “speak” to us in a language that is passive and elusive but communicative nonetheless, testing us on how we might react to good or poor decisions, demonstrations of affection or unexpected outbursts. Will we respond with love, concern, and support or puzzlement, frustration, or anger?

One of the behaviors our kids might engage in is the use of drugs, prescription and illegal. Whether they exhibit these behaviors out of curiosity, peer-pressure, or self medication, it is important to know how to recognize problems before they arise. What signs can we look for, and how can we have meaningful and honest conversations with them? What are they trying to tell us with their behavior and how can we help them communicate with us more effectively?  

On Monday afternoon, the Greater West Bloomfield Community Coalition will be sharing their expertise about the “signs, symptoms, and current trends of teen drug use”.  Please join our FJA Social Worker, Marcy Kolb, on Monday, November 11, 2:00 pm at Hillel Day School.  If you are unable to attend, but would like more information, please reach out to Marcy at [email protected]


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