Inspiration by: Mr. Shireman

Written on Friday, March 13

I sent this to all of my classes, but I don’t feel that this message is limited to my classes. There will be all kinds of changes in the next few days/weeks, but yesterday, something very important was said that I feel needs to echoed, and truly thought about. 

I have had many discussions with students about the impending disruptions in our personal lives. Yesterday, as I whined about the possibility of not being able to go to the gym (lol), a student told me, paraphrased – “but you will have so much more time to work on other things – things you can’t do when you are at school for 10 hours per day.” Incredibly wise; incredible perspective. 


Assuming most of us remain in good health, just like most of us don’t get the flu every year, our time at home, or elsewhere, may prove to allow much more personal time – time that can be spent on individual growth. Here are some things that I will be doing, all rooted in the goal of working on my own happiness: 

  • Actually playing a video game for once – seriously, this one is a big deal for adults! 
  • Reading an entire book cover to cover – I NEVER have time! 
  • Start drawing again – I’m not great…but I enjoy it! 
  • Try and learn how to do 10 new exercises.
  • Cook some dopeee food.
  • Start a show that challenges me mentally. 
  • Catch up on all the movies I’ve missed out on – starting with Parasite (lol) 
  • Make new playlists with brand new music on them – I used to have time to just sit and listen to music, and appreciate it. (Listen to something that challenges you!) 

We will get through this together, but don’t forget to work on YOU. I will talk with you all soon.