Government Classes Evaluate Election Process

In Mrs. Sesi’s US government classes, students have been studying the electoral process – looking at the two party system, nomination process, history of voting rights, role of the media and interest groups, electoral college, and campaigns. Throughout the unit, students have not only done a variety of activities within each topic, they are also working in groups to create their own political parties. Students will come up with a slogan, symbol, and issues that make up the party’s platform. They’re also creating candidates with desirable traits and experiences to campaign against one another. They will have a class primary where one candidate will be selected from each class to then run against each other in a general election.

Mrs. Sesi’s AP government students are currently focused on Congress and congressional elections, evaluating the role of gerrymandering and partisanship in congressional behavior. In the next unit, they will study the role of the president and executive branch, including the presidential election. The class will create an electoral map to track the results as they come in.

Additionally, students have been taking time in some classes to talk about current events such as the Supreme Court confirmation hearings and debates. Many students have been tuning in, providing a great basis for dialogue and community building in class.