Maddy Gun ’18

What year did you graduate from FJA? 

Where did you/do you go to college? 
Michigan State University

Where are you living now? 

What do you do for a living? 
Student studying advertising and PR, and I also work for an influencer based in LA. You can find her on Instagram at @lifeslookingood!

What is an accomplishment that you are most proud of? 
Last year when I was the victim of an anti-semitic attack, I was really proud of how I handled it. It took a lot of time and energy, but ultimately, I feel as though I was able to teach the perpetrator a lesson, as I opted to take a rehabilitative route rather than the criminal justice system. He took a tour of the Holocaust Memorial Center in Farmington Hills as a result of his actions, which I felt was the most powerful way to educate on the history of anti-semitism. I am also thankful for my FJA education which provided me with the confidence and strength during this situation. FJA definitely helped me instill the sense of Jewish pride that I have, and I am forever grateful for that!

Tell us about something meaningful in your life right now: 
Something meaningful in my life right now is definitely my relationship with family and friends. During these crazy times, I am so fortunate to be surrounded (from afar, of course) by so many amazing people in my life.

What is something you look forward to in the coming year? 
Life returning to our previous normal! Aside from that, I think it is easier than ever now to not overlook the little things that come your way, and I’m looking forward to enjoying all of the little things in 2021!

What is your favorite Jewish holiday and why? 
Passover is my favorite Jewish holiday because I think it brings out some fun creativity in the kitchen. It also provides a sense of togetherness, as we are all partaking in some sort of holiday prep. And, of course, who doesn’t love matzah pizza?!

What are your favorite TV shows? 
My all time favorite TV show is by far Saved by the Bell! I also like That 70s Show, Mad Men, and most likely anything that is currently trending (I watch too much TV!).

What is your favorite food? 
I can never pass up pizza, but if I had to pick something a little less “basic,” I’d definitely go with cucumbers! I love all vegetables, but cucumbers are for sure my #1!

If you were stuck on a desert island and you could only bring one item, what would it be and why? 
My phone… so I could call someone to come and get me!

Who would play you in a movie? 
I think Jennifer Lawrence would do the best job because of her quirky personality, but my dream would be for Hilary Duff to play me in a movie. She was my favorite actress when I was little!