11th and 12th Grade Israel Experience

Students visited some of the traditional Israel tour highlights, but also learned about other cultures and religions in Israel, the environmental struggles in Israel today, and also had an opportunity to do community service. While the trip was sidelined for some by Covid-19, overall it was a great experience for the 11th and 12th grades. 

“This Israel trip made me feel a part of something bigger – a part of the land, culture, and history. These fun experiences that I am able to have with people I hold close to my heart brings me closer to understanding the depth of promises that our forefathers made about this land. Being closer to a God that I usually felt little connection with and performing family rituals and values in Israel filled me with a sense of being young again in the sense that I felt a lot smaller in a big world. Like the visit itself was a parent, holding my hand and guiding me through things I can’t understand yet but stand amazed to see. I have also gotten closer to the people around me. Being in a different setting than school and in a place we all share awe for shows us a different side of each other that we wouldn’t have been able to see otherwise. The food that we shared in the Shuk, the nights in Jerusalem, the hikes we share in the beautiful scenery, it all lets us get closer.”
– Leah Phillips ‘22

“As I entered Israel, my Jewish homeland, for the fifth time, I appreciated the feeling of welcome that engulfed me. I remember thinking that all of the obstacles along the way were completely worth it to be in Israel, where I strengthened bonds within my religion, culture, and people.”
– Ethan Grey ’23