You will not get lost in the crowd at FJA.  You can be yourself here. These are the words of students who feel comfortable in their school community having gained a strong sense of self and the confidence to take on new challenges. Frankel Jewish Academy prides itself on being both a competitive and caring community. Meaningful relationships are one of the hallmarks of our school, and we seek out teachers who value collaboration and teamwork. Our general studies and Jewish studies course offerings are challenging and include both Honors and AP options.

Our teachers set the highest standards and provide ongoing support by meeting with students face to face and via email. In addition, our academic counselors, college counselors and learning specialists are on hand to help students with their coursework as needed and also work with them to master study skills and time management.

FJA believes strongly in professional development. Our approach to professional development includes on-site, job embedded, ongoing collaborative training and opportunities for our teachers to attend conferences and workshops in their areas of expertise. Our work as a professional learning community ensures collaboration on student needs and provides rigorous protocols that lead to high expectations and standards in the classroom, which promotes outstanding performance in the classroom.

FJA graduates thrive in college and beyond because they have learned how to think creatively and critically. Their communication skills are strong and they become leaders on campus, grounded in their Jewish values, their intellectual capabilities and in their potential to make a difference in the world around them.