Frankel Jewish Academy’s Performing and Visual Arts Department actively prepares students to become supporters and participants of arts, while building confidence in their own creative expression.

Courses offered through the Performing and Visual Arts Department include Ceramics and Advanced Ceramics, Digital Photography, Music Ensemble, Acting and Advanced Acting, Drawing & Painting and Advanced Drawing and Painting, 3D Art, Video Production, Vocal Arts, Art Portfolio, and Woodworking.

The Performing Arts Department has two shows each year.  These performances are done at an extremely high level and involve students in all aspects of the production experience. From the novice, first-time actor to the student who has been performing ever since they could talk, our drama program is inclusive and supportive of all ability levels.  The department also hosts two Evening of the Arts showcases of student artwork and performance each year.  These well attended events allow parents and community members to see all that FJA has to offer in the areas of fine and performing arts.

To learn more about FJA's Art programs, contact Mitch Master  

Visual Arts
Frankel Jewish Academy students have the unique opportunity to learn with talented and dedicated professional artists in their respective fields. Classes are small and tailored to each student’s individual needs. Numerous opportunities to display and enter art work into fine arts competitions and exhibitions are provided throughout the school year. The quality of work that our students produce under the tutelage of dedicated teachers has consistently earned them numerous awards and scholarships.
Performing Arts
With a top notch musical director, a vocal director, choreographer and a costumer and set builder, FJA’s Performing Arts program offers students an incomparable theater experience. FJA’s theater productions give students the confidence to expand their skills and perform successfully before an audience. This confidence translates into other areas of their lives, in and out of the school setting. Through the arts experience, students explore the world, both individually and collaboratively and grow to recognize their own creative potential.