Performing Arts

With a top notch musical director, a vocal director, choreographer, costumer, and set builder, FJA’s Performing Arts program offers students an incomparable theater experience. FJA’s theater productions and classes give students the confidence to expand their skills and perform successfully before an audience. This confidence translates into other areas of their lives, in and out of the school setting. 

FJA also offers a Music Ensemble course. The primary purpose of this class is studying and performing a stylistically diverse set of music in a ‘rock band’ ensemble context. Instrumentation in this class typically includes: vocals, acoustic/electric guitars, keyboard, bass guitar, and drums. Rehearsals of selected music will routinely facilitate an infusion of relevant music theory for discussion and learning. Homework will consist primarily of practicing the assigned music while developing technique and improving general musicianship. The work of this course will culminate in a concert performance during Evening of the Arts.

Through the arts experience, students explore the world, both individually and collaboratively and grow to recognize their own creative potential.