FJA’s Visual and Performing Arts classes create environments that foster trust, comfort, creativity, and encourage a journey of self-discovery. Whether our school is in-person or distant learning, art is vitally important to building self-esteem, enabling a student to let go of inhibitions and take risks as they encounter challenges, both on and off the stage, or in and out of the art studio. Our incredible FJA arts instructors guide our students to comprehend, appreciate, and make educated choices, while applying the creative process to all areas of their lives. As we come to the end of another semester, we are pleased to display the talents of our students in a “Celebration of the Arts!” 

Please take a moment to appreciate the work of our students, and help us celebrate the arts!

Mitch Master, Director of Visual and Performing Arts
Marisa Gratson, Visual Arts
Waldon Reed, Music Ensemble 
Rebecca Strobehn, Jewish Text and Art
 Daniel Bourdeau and Dale Rogers, Engineering Technology
Margaret-Ann Wommer, Digital Photography

We are grateful to the Burton A. Zipser and Sandra D. Zipser Foundation for their support of music education and performance, including this Celebration of the Arts. They established the Zipser Fund for Music Education and Performance at Frankel Jewish Academy in order to create meaningful opportunities for students at FJA to learn about, appreciate, and perform music.


Music Ensemble

Jewish Text and Art

Visual Arts

Digital Photography

Engineering Technology