Thursday, June 8, 2023

On their last day, the Sophomores volunteered at NAYA and Hazelnut Grove where they helped to build, recover material and farmed. They made their way back to the project site where they finished up their work there and had a discussion about how the project relates back to the bigger picture. The group then participated in an activity with members of Outside the Frame which aims to change the way homeless and marginalized youth see and are seen through film. Young filmmakers screened a few of their films and they had a discussion about their experiences. The group then headed for the airport for and arrived at home on Friday morning!

Wednesday, June 7, 2023

After breakfast, the 10th graders drove to Maupin, Oregon to do Pomwater rafting on the Deschutes River. They did various activities at the river and enjoyed lunch and minhah there. The group drove back to the hotel in Portland for some downtime before dinner. After dinner they had a great time roller skating at Oaks Park.

Tuesday, June 6, 2023

The 10th graders worked at the project site for the entire morning today and enjoyed a lunch break while there. When they finished up their work for the day, the group drove to the Columbia River Gorge so that they could hike the beautiful Latourell Falls, a tall single-plunge waterfall of 224 feet. From there, they visited Multnomah Falls and Vista House, and had Minhah under the trees before heading back to the hotel for dinner.


Monday, June 5, 2023

Today the Sophomores split into groups at the project site and got to work! They enjoyed lunch while on site and had a discussion as a whole about how the work they're doing relates to the larger picture.  After they were done on site, the group had the opportunity to explore Powell Books, the world's largest independent bookstore. They returned to the hotel for dinner, before visiting Dignity Village - a city-recognized legal encampment of an estimated 60 unhomed people located in Portland. The group took a tour of the village led by a current resident.

"Today we started the day with breakfast then my group the jags(go jags!) we were in groups Ezra, Allie, and I helped take furniture out of the room that we could pull out carpet at the ground score office space. The other people helped to pull nails from wood to make the wood useful, and another group of people helped to paint a fence. It was very impactful to help people and experience the good deeds we were doing. After that we went to Powell’s city of books, it was huge and so cool. After that we went to Dignity Village it was enlightening, it was very interesting seeing the comparison between how we live and how they live. It was very impactful to hear the story of Ms. Lisa... All in all today was such a great learning experience and a beneficial experience." - Ariella Hernandez

Sunday, June 4, 2023

Today the Sophomores arrived in Portland! They enjoyed lunch in the park and had the opportunity to explore NW 23rd Avenue. They then came back to the hotel for dinner and a brief introduction to the program they'll be participating in throughout the week.