Friday, June 9, 2023

Today, the group explored the heights and valleys of the north of Israel. They began the day with Zman Kodesh at Mizpe Lashalom - Peace Vista. They then headed to Mount Bental - an extinct volcano that overlooks the Syrian border and has a former army outpost at the peak. The Juniors proceeded to take a rafting excursion along the Jordan River before heading back to the hotel to prepare for Shabbat.

Thursday, June 8, 2023

The day began on the clifftop of Mount Arbel enjoying panoramic views before hiking to the bottom. They participated in a Partnership P2G region activity before touring the mystical city of Tzfat. There the Juniors explored winding alleyways and took a tour of Tzfat's old Synagogues. They then had free time for shopping in the old artist colony. The group when to Sheva Chaya's Glassblowing Gallery where they met the artist and heard all about her story. From there the 11th graders had a fun time at Aqua-Kef, Israel's first and only floating waterpark and obstacle course on the Sea of Galilee! The group then drove to Tiberius where they'll have dinner and take a boat excursion with music.

Wednesday, June 7, 2023

The Juniors began their day with a bike tour through the city of Tel Aviv, passing along some of the main sight's and attractions of the city. After completing their tour, the group headed into the Old City of Jaffa (or Yaffo), one of the oldest port cities in the world and Israel's main gateway until more modern times. The students then made their way to Carmel Market for lunch and free time to shop. The group visited the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation where they learned about the story of Israel, a fascinating journey inspired by the vision of President Shimon Peres.  After dinner together, the trip visited the Kinneret Cemetery where they viewed the final resting place of some of the most important pioneers of the Second Aliyah and builders of the State as the sun went down.

Monday, June 5, 2023

Today the group got an early start. The made their way to Masada National Park, where they ascended the Roman Ramp for sunrise.  They toured the iconic historical site before descending the Snake Path back to the buses. Then after a short ride, the students arrived at the Dead Sea! There, they enjoyed lunch and went for a "swim" (or most likely a float!). After, they explored Ein Gedi National Park, a nature reserve encompassing the oasis canyons of Ein Gedi.

Sunday, June 4, 2023

To start their last day in Jerusalem, the students visited and learned about Lifeline for the Old / Yad LaKashish- A non-profit organization that runs a complex of handicraft workshops employing elderly artisans, whose beautiful works help fund the program. They then headed to the original core of ancient Jerusalem, the City of David, which today is a National Park encompassing the remains from King David's time.The students enjoyed at picnic lunch at Tayelet Promenade before driving south. They stayed at Kfar Hanokdim Bedouin style campground, including tents, rooms, and other facilities, where they also rode camels!

"We rode camels upon our arrival at the Bedouin village. It was very exciting for several reasons--the camels stood up in a surprising way, pitching us back and forth, and some of the camels (including Avi's and Ashten's behind mine) were so enthusiastic that they amusingly tried to get ahead of the pack several times. The ride through total sandy desert during the sunset was beautiful and something incredible to experience ... We slept in a genuine Bedouin tent, a huge tent with beautiful mattresses for all of us and split down the middle to create two rooms. In addition to sleeping and eating in this cultural setting, we got to hear from and speak with a member of the Bedouin tribe about cultural hospitality customs. As part of this talk, we enjoyed freshly brewed customary Bedouin tea and coffee. It was super educational and so much fun to be totally immersed in another culture present in Israel." —Samantha Caminker

Saturday, June 3, 2023

Today the group enjoyed a relaxing Shabbat in Jerusalem. They were able to join in Shabbat services at their choice of local Synagogues before exploring the local parks and neighborhoods. After Havdalah, the students had an evening out on Ben Yehudah Street.

Friday, June 2, 2023

Today was more somber as the 11th Graders started their day at Yad Vashem, Israel's main Holocaust museum and memorial. They then visited Mount Herzl- Israel's National Cemetery, in which lies the graves of soldiers and national leaders including Theodor Herzl. They then stopped at Machane Yehuda Market, simply known as "The Shuk," Jerusalem's historic main marketplace, before heading back to the hotel to prepare for Shabbat. The group experienced Kabbalat Shabbat at the Kotel.

“One of my goals in my life was to go to Israel, particularly the Kotel. In fulfilling this dream, I had one of the most meaningful spiritual and religious days of my life.  This whole country is beautiful and it radiates everywhere. I’m so thankful to have these thoughts and memories forever.” - Ryan Giles

Thursday, June 1, 2023

The Juniors had their first full day in Israel today and spent it "traveling back in time" to see Jerusalem at its peak. They visited the Davidson Center, an archaeological park that surrounds the South-West corner of the Temple Mount. The students also took a virtual tour of the Second Temple complex via 3D headsets. They then visited the Western Wall where they had the opportunity to pray and place notes in the wall. After they had free time in the Jewish Quarter before participating in an archaeological dig at the base of the Temple Mount.

Wednesday May 31, 2023

Our Juniors arrived in Israel today!


Tuesday May 30, 2023

Students are currently in the midst of their travel day as they make their way to Israel for their experiential learning trip.